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Web Application Development

Philadelphia App Developers

  • Timeframe

    Depending on the complexity of the web application, the schedule of delivery can be anywhere from a week to a couple months.

  • Process

    The process consists of six phases.

    1. Project Definition: Includes client interview, project specs and project timeline.
    2. Structure: Content/Functionality outline and wireframes.
    3. Visual Design: Mockup designs, feedback, redefine design and approve design.
    4. Application Development: Build and integrate web app.
    5. Testing: Quality assurance testing and refine online application.
    6. Launch
  • Protection

    Several quality assurance methods are executed to insure your web app works as it should.

  • Database Design/Optimization

    We build fast, reliable RIAs with MySQL and SQL server. Through techniuqes such as design schemes, indexes, replication and triggers for database integrity your web application is built to run like a well oiled machine.

  • Cost

    Like website design, costs depend on the scope of the project.

  • Get Started

    You can email your RFP request to rfp [at] holloday.com or request a quote.